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How to do paint splatters

Little Artists' Recommendations

  • Kids 
  • 10 min
What you need:

Connector paint box, water cup, drawing pad A3 or A4, paint brush, a painting apron if needed

Step 1

Fill your water cup with water. Dip the brush in the water and mix lots of water in your chosen colour in the paint box.  Now coat the brush with paint and splatter paint on the drawing pad with little "shaking movements".

Step 2

The splatters will have different sizes depending on how forceful your movements are. You can also hold the tip of the brush over the sheet of paper and let the paint drip on to the paper. Keep moving the brush to a different place on the paper.

Repeat this process as many times as you like with different colours to create a lovely colourful paint splatter masterpiece.


With this painting technique, it is important that you change the water often. This will keep your colours nice and bright. You can also experiment with different brush sizes. Watch how the different brushes react.  Or change the amount of water with each colour. The thicker the piece of paper is, the more watery you can make the paint without the paper crinkling.
Ask your parents for a frame or passe-partout and turn your picture into a real little work of art when you're finished.
Please note that paints can stain. Use an underlay and protect your clothes. Spots of paint should be washed off right away with lukewarm water and soap.