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Paint T-shirt with a piggy motif

  • Everybody 
  • 30 min
What you need:
  • textile markers (yellow, green and black)
  • cardboard so that the colours do not bleed through the shirt
  • printed template of the pig
  • scissors
Oops a stain, make something with it!

Step 1

Print out the piggy template in the desired size, preferably slightly larger than the stain, and then cut it to size.

Step 2

Place the cardboard underlay together with the design template between the front and back of your T-shirt.

Step 3

Use the black textile marker to trace the outline that can be seen through the T-shirt. Let the contour dry before you paint with more colours.

Step 4

Now you only have to iron the T-shirt (without steam) to fix the colours. Alternatively, you can simply let the paint dry for 24 hours.

Saving your T-shirt is that easy!


The higher the natural fibre content of the fabric, the higher you can set the washing temperature (40° to 60°C).

If possible, wash newly purchased fabrics in advance so that the textile marker ink can penetrate deep into the fibres. It is best to use a delicates cycle and mild detergent when washing so you can enjoy your unique item for as long as possible. This is because colour brilliance depends not only on the texture of the fabric, but also on the temperature and the particular laundry detergent.