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How to craft a school bag

What might help you

  • Adults 
  • 90 min
What you need:

See the following required materials

Material List

  • Blue construction paper, 240g, Format 70 x 100 cm 
  • White construction paper, 240g, Format 70 x 100 cm 
  • Strong white cardboard, Format A4 Paper pad for drawing, extra strong, 120g, 
  • Format A3 Glue stick 
  • Scissors Pinking schears String or cord White pencil
  • Graphite pencil Brush
  • Cutting knife
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive pads
  • Colourful textile tape
  • Satin ribbon, gift or decorative ribbon Colourful Crepe Paper
  • Connector Paintbox
  • Connector Pens 12 Jumbo Grip Colour Pencils

Download Templates

Step 1

Download and print the letters and numbers template. Cut the cord about 80 cm in length and make a knot at both ends. One of the knots should be made with enough room to fit a pencil. The distance in between both knots should be about 70 cm. Place the end of the string on the corner of the blue construction paper and secure it there with a needle. Put the white pencil at the other end of the cord through the loop of the knot and pull outwards until tight, so that you can draw a radius on the template. After doing this, pull the holes together and secure them.

Step 2

Cut out the shape for the gift bag.

Step 3

Form the paper into a cone shape and secure it with glue. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made cones in many colours at the store.

Step 4

Colour in a sheet of paper from the paper pad with Connector Water Colours and let it dry. Achieve beautiful effects by slightly moistening the paper with a water mister.

Step 5

On the back side of the template, colour in the letters and numbers needed with a pencil.

Step 6

Place the template on strong white cardboard and re-trace the letters and numbers with a pencil.

Step 7

Cut out the letters and numbers. They will serve as a stencil later.

Step 8

Trace the letters and numbers needed with a pencil on the dried, previously painted paper.

Step 9

Cut the letters and numbers out. These will be glued to gift bag later.

Step 10

Now it is time to work on the banner. Using the string and pencil, mark a radius on the white construction paper (In the template, this area is gray).

Step 11

Using the stencil letters and numbers, draw them overlapping onto the banner.

Step 12

Colour in the remaining areas with Connector Pens.

Step 13

Cut the banner to fit the length of the cone.

Step 14

Distribute 12 Jumbo Grip Colour Pencils on the banner. Using a graphite pencil, mark a short line in between each.

Step 15

With a cutting knife and a ruler, cut over each line that you made with the graphite pencil. The length of the cuts should follow the length of the decorative ribbon which will be pulled through.

Step 16

Now, pull the ribbon in and out through the openings you cut, leaving extra space to make loops to attach the pencils. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow.

Step 17

Place the finished banner on the white construction paper 1 cm from the contour.

Step 18

Cut out with pinking shears.

Step 19

Glue to the school gift bag.

Step 20

Below the white banner, glue the colourful numbers and letters.

Step 21

Attach the crepe paper with textile tape at the top.

Step 22

Insert a pencil through each loop and tighten carefully. In order to make sure the pencils stay put, place a small dab of glue under the stylus and press onto the paper.

Step 23

Finally, stick the banner with pencils onto the white strips.

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