How to colour this little dragon and his present


15 min

What you need:

Grip Coloured Pencils, Brush, Watercup

This little dragon has a special present for you! What might be in the box he is carrying? Bring this dragon to life by applying different colouring techniques. Chose the colour that you like the best. To make the best out of your drawing, use our water dissolving  Colour Grip pencils.

Step 1

Dragon drawn with a graphite pencil
Start with adding red details

Step 2

Dragon drawn with a graphite pencil
Yellow colours bring the dragon to life and make a great contrast.

Step 3

Dragon drawn with a graphite pencil
By adding pink the dragon gets even more colourful

Step 4

Coloured dragon
Finally you can give the dragon his characteristical green colour

Step 5

Coloured dragon
Apply different shades of green to make the dragon look more realisitc

Step 6

Coloured dragon
Now you can colour the tiny present and draw the eyes of the dragon, so he can see.

Step 7

Coloured dragon
Now start contouring the dragon's long neck.

Step 8

Coloured dragon
Now you can intensify the colours the way you like it the most.

Step 9

Coloured dragon
Use a wet and smaller brush to dissolve the colours on the dragon's head.

Step 10

Coloured dragon
For the rest of its body a flat and bigger brush will do it just right.


Coloured dragon
Look how happy the dragon is to be finally in colour.