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Special technique: Enchanting magic

  • Kids 
  • 10 min
What you need:

Coloured pencil Colour Grip, Ecopencil Colour Grip, brush, water

Your child and you will be captivated by the magical effect being generated. This technique is not only designed for painting, but may also serve as a real toy. It will inspire your child’s imagination and pique their interest in experimenting with painting implements.

Is there really a picture concealed underneath the black layer of colour?

1. First draw a picture with water-soluble coloured pencils.

2. Then paint over the picture with a non-water-soluble coloured pencil, i.e. cover the picture with a layer of dark colour until you can no longer identify what lies underneath. The water-soluble colour pigments separate the black pigments from the paper while generating a layer of colour that may be removed by applying a wash.

3. Now the picture is passed on to another player who is allowed to take the paintbrush and lots of water to apply a decent wash to the picture.

4. As if by magic, the secret picture will slowly emerge from the dark. The wet, black colour may be dabbed off with a paper towel or even be rinsed off under running water.

Black and white

You need a white water-soluble pencil for creating white areas in the picture. Use this pencil for painting over all areas which are to be preserved. If you want to display coloured patterns in a white area, you have to draw first or otherwise they will not be retained. Once you rinse the picture under running water after having applied a layer of black colour, the picture will become completely clean, as the washed-out black pigments do not firmly attach to the paper.
The face of the tiger and the flowers were drawn and then painted over with a white pencil.
These are the areas that remain unaffected by the black colour.

The secret message

The secret message is painted over with dark colour and will remain a secret ...
.. until the recipient applies some water to make it visible again.

The concealed animal

Only showing its silhouette, a disguised animal is waiting to be identified. Will another player be able to uncover its secret by using a brush and applying some water? This variant of the game is suitable for any number of players and pencils.
Which animal is hidden underneath this picture? Is it an elephant – or maybe even a mouse?
Water will help you to find out.