How to paint with the Connector paint box

The unique Connector paint box is perfect for any techniques and applications that children and teachers may want to explore in class. The rich colours, easy application and high yield of these paints ensure that children are able to enjoy lasting painting fun.

Wet on wet technique

Watercup, pen, brushes & a part of the connector paintbox on a table
Start with moistening the paper and selecting the colours you like the most.

Yellow colour blobs
Than paint the shape of the fantasy cat with watercolour.
Yellow colour blobs
By adding some stripes the cat gets more structured.
yellow animal
With a pen you can add the details as well as the cats face.

Folding technique

Colour blobs
Start with painting one half of a turtle on a paper which is already folded in half.
Colour blobs in shape of a turtle
Then simply fold and press the still wet painting on the other half of the paper.
Colour blobs in shape of a turtle
Thanks to the symmetrical drawing you now have a whole turtle!
Colour blobs in shape of a turtle
Now you can draw the shell of the turtle with brown watercolour.

Craft paper technique

tail of a squirrel
Grab a craft paper and start with painting the tail of the squirrel.
Painting of a Squirrel
Now you can add the rest of its body using different colours
Painting of a Squirrel
With the darker colour you can contour the squirrel and add a nut in its hands.
Painting of a Squirrel
Finally the squirrel needs eyes! Use a smaller brush for adding this detail.

Print technique

Prepare by asking an adult to grave a circle in a potato.  
Brush and eraser
Start with colouring the circle with watercolour.
Brush and connector paint box part
Now you can start stanping the pattern of an insect on the paper.
The legs of the insect can also be made out of potato print.

Crayon technique

Coloured submarine
Draw a submarine with waxing crayons. Additionally you can draw bubbles around the submarine and the submarines lightbeams with a white waxing crayon for a special effect.
Coloured submarine under water
Continue by painting all over the picture with watercolour. Now you can see the special effect: The blue watercolour rolls of the white waxing colour and underwater bubbles appear!
Coloured submarine under water
Now the submarine is ready for its underwater expedition!