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Children of the world short stories and colouring templates: Lino

Lino is 8 years old and lives in a small village in the mountains of Peru. The big mountain range is called the Andes. Lino’s village is pretty high up, so you have a fantastic view of all the mountain peaks. Only around 100 people live in Lino’s village which is why there is no school there. And that is why Lino and his brothers and sisters have to walk to school and back every day, a total of 7 kilometres. The long distance does not bother Lino at all because on the way to school he passes other villages and meets all his friends. He enjoys it most when he goes to school soon after it has rained. Because the rain creates massive puddles and he loves jumping in them and splashing the other children. 
Lino’s favourite subject is music. In the music lesson, everyone in the class has to play an instrument. Lino plays the ocarina, a typical Peruvian musical instrument. It is a clay pipe, although it is egg-shaped. Since the ocarina is very small, Lino can pop it into his trouser pocket and always have it with him. 
As soon as he gets home, his mum Mayumi calls him and his brothers and sisters. But Lino does not go straight into their hut: grinning, he runs round the back of the hut where Amaru is waiting for him. Amaru is Lino’s pet, and a very special one: because it is not a dog or a cat - no, Amaru is an alpaca! If you have ever stroked one, you will know that their fur is really fluffy. 
After their evening meal, Lino often sits with his family and other residents of the village around a bonfire. They sing Peruvian songs and dance. Lino often quickly gets tired from all the jumping around so his mum then takes him to bed. Lino drops into bed, dog tired, and falls asleep immediately. He often dreams of being a musician, touring the world with his alpaca.