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Drawing a tomato with Albrecht Dürer Magnus

  • Adults 
  • 45 min
What you need:
• Albrecht Dürer Magnus in deep scarlet red 219, magenta 133, earth green yellowish 168, helioblue-reddish 151, dark chrome yellow 109 and warm grey II 271
• Water Brush
• Watercolour paper with fine surface in DIN A4

Step 1

Place a couple of tomatoes before you on the table and make sure it is well illuminated. Reflections help the object look more vivid and interesting, and later your drawing too. Alternatively, you can also use a photo as a drawing template.

Draw the outline of the Tomatoes on the watercolour paper with deep scarlet red 219.

Step 2

Colour the surfaces with deep scarlet red 219 and magenta 133 and the tomato stalk with earth green yellowish 168 and helioblue-reddish 151.
Enhance the light side with a little bit of dark chrome yellow 109 in order to develop the light and shadows. Colour the tomato stalk with a bit of dark chrome yellow 109. Add shadows with warm grey II 271 under the tomatoes.

Step 3

To finish, draw everything with water brush. Make sure that the stalk and the points of light stay visible and do not mix with the other colours.