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From paper onto a cup

A drawn paper boat next to a pencil.
Sketch on paper
Most of the time, it is more difficult to draw on a three-dimensional object than on paper. To make things easier, simply use carbon paper to transfer a sketch of your design from paper to a three-dimensional object, such as a cup.
If you don't have carbon paper, you can also fully cover the reverse side of the piece of sketching paper featuring your drawing using a soft pencil. At the end, you can easily remove the pencil residues using an art eraser.
A drawn paper boat put on a cup.
Transfer using carbon paper
A paper boat getting painted on a cup.

Good to know

A light bulb next to a painted paper boat.
Before starting to paint on a smooth surface, you should thoroughly wash it with detergent to remove any grease residues, such as fingerprints.