Drawing a leaf with Albrecht Dürer Magnus


45 min

What you need:

• Albrecht Dürer Magnus in deep scarlet red 219, Walnut brown 177, burnt ochre 187 and warm grey II 271
• Water Brush
• Watercolour paper with fine surface in DIN A4 or DIN A5

Step 1

Preferably place a real, interestingly- shaped and colourful leaf as template (eg Maple leaf). Alternatively, you can also use a photo as a drawing template.

Draw the outline of the leaf contours and veins as well as stalk with burnt ochre 187 on the watercolour paper.

Step 2

Drawing of a leaf.
Intensify the surfaces with burnt ochre 187. Deepening every single part with deep scarlet red 219. Stress the leaf stalk with walnut brown 177.

Step 3

Drawing of a leaf.
Draw everything with water brush. Please make sure that the leaf contours, veins and stalk and different colour surfaces stay visible and do not mix with each other.
Take the brush tip directly from pigment of warm grey II 271 and draw shadows. In this process, keep an eye on logical light (in this example, the light comes from the bottom right).
After that, take the brush tip pigment from the deep scarlet red 219 pencil and stress the damper maple leaf areas.

Step 4

Drawing of a leaf.
Take other pigments from the pencil tip with the wet brush and stress more areas of the damp leaf.

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