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Design your own Valentine´s Day gift tags

Rose tag

Step 1

Sketch the rose petals using a watercolour marker in different rose tones. 

Step 2

Then use a fine brush and a bit of water to give the petals a natural look. This effect will bring the rose petals to life. Let it dry properly.

Step 3

Now use our watercolour markers in two or three different green tones to draw the flower stems and the leaves.

Step 4

Then use a fine brush and a little water to mix the different tones. Let it dry well again.

Step 5

By using a Pitt Artist Pen, a watercolour marker or any other felt-tip pen, you can now add a few green points to give your tag the finishing touch.


You can use a litte clothespin to attach the tag to your gift.

Love Tag

Step 1

Draw a circle with a pencil using paper circle stencils (a compass may damage the paper). Consequently, use a somewhat stronger paper for drawing on and cutting out. Alternatively, you can also use an appropriately sized glass as a stencil.

Step 2

Gently draw your lettering using a pencil. You can divide up the available space well in this way.

Step 3

Use a Pitt Artist pen or a different felt-tip pen in a lighter tone and draw your lettering on the gift tag word by word. 
Take your time doing this. 
Use more pressure to create thicker lines and less pressure to keep the lines thin, thus creating a beautiful writing style. To get that light-to-dark-effect add more layers of the lighter colour and blend it out. 
Your gift tag is now complete.