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Creative Relaxation: colouring templates for beginners & advanced

Wellness for the soul: While colouring we focus our thoughts, and the concentration on the creative activity puts us in a mode of relaxation. Painting is as helpful as meditation when it comes to coping with stress. Give it a try!  Our selection of creative templates in several levels of difficulty offers beginners and advanced painters a variety of motifs and plenty of inspiration:

Autumn time

As colourful as a walk in the forest during the "golden season": coloured foliage glowing in warm tones in the sun, graceful forest dwellers by the wayside - immerse yourself in autumnal nature and all its colourful facets with our colouring templates!

*These templates originate from the TOPP-Titel 8362
Colorful World - Ruhe & Gelassenheit

Garden happiness

Fragrant flowers and grasses with colourful butterflies and insects in between - grab your favourite pencils and bring the colourful hustle and bustle in the garden to life!

*These templates originate from the TOPP-Titel 4700
Ursula Schwab Colorful World - Gartenglück


Floral and folkloric elements characterise the trendy boho style. Which colours you choose to colour in is of course up to you and your creativity.  But it becomes particularly authentic if you combine earthy tones with fresh colour accents.

*These templates originate from the TOPP-Titel 4702
Colorful Moments - Boho Love


Who does not know them, the colourful patterned ceramic tiles of Spanish and Portuguese origin, which together form a magnificent mosaic. Send your thoughts on a journey and take your time and leisure for all the fine geometric details that remind us of relaxed holidays in southern countries.

*These templates originate from the  TOPP-Titel 4701
Colorful Moments - Azulejos