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Basic techniques with the Ecco Pigment

The Ecco Pigment is a fineliner with enormous potential. Equipped with a highly pigmented, lightfast ink, it is suitable for technical drawings, illustrating, calligraphy and for inscriptions on certificates and documents. On absorbent surfaces, the Ecco Pigment does not bleed through the paper and can be corrected on transparent paper with an ink eraser.The ergonomic shape of the pen enables tireless drawing. The barrel and the cap of the Ecco Pigment are made from recycled plastic. Ecco Pigment fineliners are available with line widths from 0.05 to 0.8 mm.


Hatches drawn with parallel, densely spaced lines can melt into a single colour from a distance. The closer together the lines are, the darker the area appears.

Cross hatching

New hues in a wide range of shades are created by overlapping lines in different directions or different colours. For crosshatching, lines are overlapped at differentangles. Multi-coloured cross-hatching can be used to create interesting colour mixes.


The word pointillism comes from the French word "point" = "dot". This painting technique uses the dot as the only stylistic element. Dots in various sizes and colours give the picture its shape, the density of the dots determines the tonal values of the finished picture.


A key strength of the Ecco Pigment: The shape of the pen nib does not change even after several thousand dots, meaning that lines and dots retain their size and quality reliably.


The effect of pointillism is revealed when viewed from a distance: The further away the observer is from the picture, the more the dots merge into complete visual areas. An effect we are familiar with from the field of printing. Here too, a picture is created based on the density and overlapping of dots.

Technical drawing

The Ecco Pigment can be used for the final artwork in technical drawings. The preliminary sketch drawn with a pencil is traced over with the ink pen. When the pencil strokes are erased, the ink stroke remains in place clean and clear. The Ecco Pigment is ideally suited for technical drawing. The long, metal-clad nib is perfect for drawing with rulers and templates. The different line widths enable clear, fine and standardised lines to be drawn.


Illustrating is a real pleasure with Ecco Pigment fineliners.


The usage options are endless: as a line drawing, for highlighting in watercolour or acrylic pictures, for quick sketches while on the move, for combining in collage techniques. Many illustrators prefer to draw a line drawing by hand and to continue working on it on the computer. The exact line of the Ecco Pigment impresses in this field too with loss-free digitisation.