Design your own wrapping paper with gift tags



30 min

What you need:

Pitt Artist Pen 1,5 white, Graphite pencil Grip 2001, wrapping paper in dark grey, white and dark red ribbon, stencils for Christmas baubles, gift tags

Wrapping paper

Step 1

Start off with a concept sketch of your design. To identify which space you should use for your illustration, proceed as follows: Place the gift on the paper as though you were going to wrap it. Now carefully fold the wrapping paper upwards on all four edges. You can now make out the shape of a rectangle from the slight crease in the paper. This is the space for your illustration.

Step 2

Draw three baubles with a pencil using paper circle stencils. A compass may damage the wrapping paper. Consequently, use a somewhat stronger paper for drawing on and cutting out. Alternatively, you can also use appropriately sized glasses as a stencil.

Step 3

Handlettering of baubles.
Then draw your illustrations one by one on the wrapping paper. I used the Pitt Artist Pen fineliner 1.5 in white 101 for this.

Step 4

Christmas present with selfmade gift wrapping.
Now place your gift on the paper again as described in step 1 and wrap it. A little ribbon around it, and then that’s it!

Gift tag:

Step 1

Handlettering of a "merry christmas"  gift tag with a graphite pencil.
First make a little sketch to plan out where you would like to place details such as squiggles, for example, and how you would like to arrange the words.

Step 2

Gift tag "Merry Christmas".
Gently draw your lettering using a pencil. You can divide up the available space well in this way.

Step 3

Christmas present with a gift tag.
Draw your saying on the gift tag word by word. 
Take your time doing this. Use more pressure to create thicker line and less pressure to keep the lines thin, thus creating a beautiful writing style. I used the Pitt Artist Pen Brush B in white 101 for the lettering. 
Finally, draw in the squiggles and your gift tag is complete.

Moira Schweiger

Moira Schweiger lives and works as a graphic designer in Nuremberg. After completing her studies in communication design in 2007, Moira worked as an art director at several web agencies. In 2010, she founded MOIRA STYLES and has since been supporting her own customers as well as agencies with a wide range of communication and design projects. She also began working with hand lettering at this time as a means of expressing her love of typography through small, emotive, handcrafted works of arts. Moira also shares this passion for modern calligraphy and hand lettering in workshops throughout Germany. Read more

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