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Shiny desk helpers: RollOn Sparkle double sharpener & eraser

To all analogue sharpeners: Now there is an end to unwanted sharpener waste on the desk! The new Sparkle double sharpener with patented RollOn technology can be easily and conveniently opened with a click and, above all, closed again. This way, the shavings are safely stored and the workplace and school bag stay clean. Whether pencils or coloured pencils in standard or jumbo format, they are all sharpened in no time at all.
Extra feature: The RollOn Sparkle is the first pencil sharpener ever to be equipped with a sharpener that can be purchased and replaced in an instant. An innovative, also patented technology with real added value for all frequent writers.
The stylish RollOn Sparkle in metallic look with glitter embossing is also a visual highlight. It is available in the Cosmic Colours Ocean-, Violet- and Rose-Metallic.

It's a match: The erasers also score with a great look in three cosmic shades. Faber-Castell has
designed the RollOn Eraser Sparkle to be particularly ergonomic, so that it sits perfectly in
the hand when working and allows both precise and flat erasing. The erasers are PVC-free and
come from climate-neutral production.


Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication
Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication