For more beautiful writing: the new Pitt Artist Pen hand lettering sets

Analogue techniques continue to be appreciated. Many people around the globe enjoy painting, writing and drawing as a hobby. In the age of the smartphone and touchscreen, they want to do things that express their creativity and enable them to focus entirely on themselves.
Hand lettering is particularly fashionable, and the resulting artistically drawn characters are true calligraphic artworks. The five new Pitt Artist Pen hand lettering sets now provide the perfect tools for all those keen to replace a keyboard temporarily with ink. The mixed holders contain four, six or eight pens, offering the best introduction to hand lettering. You receive India ink Pitt Artist Pens with fine liner, round and paintbrush tips in various colours and shades.
The Pitt Artist Pen is the perfect aid because it is both a brush and an ink pen at the same time and can be used for a variety of drawing, painting and calligraphic styles. By varying the brush stroke, even novice creative minds can draw fine lines and tiny details. The Pitt Artist Pen is filled with highly pigmented, light-resistant, water-based and fast-drying drawing ink. The set packaging was designed together with hand-lettering author Hannah Rabenstein from the Edition Michael Fischer publishing house.

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