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Hexo is the new tool that lets ideas grow. A special companion, as individual as we are: with its hexagonal shape and feel, it brings entirely new perspectives into creative writing, sketching and drafting. It is made in Europe and available in black, silver and rose.
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Faber-Castell - Fountain pen Hexo silver medium
4 Line width
Fountain pen Hexo silver
Faber-Castell - Fountain pen Hexo rose medium
4 Line width
Fountain pen Hexo rose
Faber-Castell - Fountain pen Hexo black medium
4 Line width
Fountain pen Hexo black
Faber-Castell - Ink roller Hexo rose
Ink roller Hexo rose
Faber-Castell - Roller Hexo black
Roller Hexo black
Faber-Castell - Roller Hexo silver
Roller Hexo silver
Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen Hexo rose
Ballpoint pen Hexo rose
Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen Hexo black
Ballpoint pen Hexo black
Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen Hexo silver
Ballpoint pen Hexo silver