Classic Colour Jumbo colour pencil, cardboard wallet of 6

Classic Colour Jumbo colour pencil, cardboard wallet of 6

Classic Jumbo coloured pencil with thick break-resistant lead for silky smooth colour laydown.

Product details

  • Hexagonal Jumbo colour pencils
  • Brilliant colours
  • Highest break-resistance due to secural bonding process (SV)
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry
  • Environmentally-friendly water-based varnish
  • With name panel
  • Cardboard box of 6

Eco Pencil

Timber from certified sustainable forestry (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI) order


This product is made of FSC certified wood and thus orginates from responsibly managed forests. FSC Chain of Custody Policy

Faber-Castell - Waterbased eco varnish

Waterbased eco varnish

Faber-Castell was the first manufacturer to introduce the environmentally-friendly water-based varnish technology, which is used for almost all writing instruments produced at the main factory in Stein.