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General information about fineliner / felt tip pens

Faber-Castell's fineliners and felt tip pens are perfect for any sketching and drawing project. All fineliners are also great for handwriting and handlettering. Faber-Castell's BROADPENs are good companions for all students and office workes who have extensive writing tasks to complete. Their lightwight design and easy gliding tips make them a joyful writing instrument. While BROADPEN fineliners have a 0,8mm tip, the FINEPEN fineliners draw 0,4mm fine lines. All felt tip pensare great for drawing, designing or just coluring MANDALAS. The Pitt Artist Pens are premium fibre tip pens. They have very soft tips (like brushs) They are great for handlettering. Pitt Artist Pens XS have very fine tips and are grgeat for illustrations. Especially as the ink within our Pitt Artist pens is a special india ink. Pitt Artist Pen SC is for Calligraphy and has a very nice and soft calligraphy tip (hence the name SC).


Faber-Castell's fineliner pens are ideal for fine sketching and drawing and are available in various colours. There are also some fineliners available which are using document-proof ink. Look for "document" in the article name. Sketching, drawing and colouring mandalas of all shapes and sizes become a big and fun action with the whole family.

Fibre tip pens & Felt tip pens and safety for your kids.

Our Fibre-tip pens for Kids and teens: Wide fibre-tips are for large colour surfaces, while thin tips are for drawing fine lines and accentuating details. The caps of all our pens are designed to ensure a maximum of safety for your kids. The caps have a special design which allows breathing even if the cap has been swallowed. The construction ensures that the tip is not drying out when the cap is on the pen.