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Design a card with autumnal motives
Pumpkins and autumnally coloured leaves make this card something very special.
Creating a sunset with soft pastels
See how the intensive colours and the silky smooth flow of colour can be easily mixed and blend with our soft pastels.
Nagomi art with Soft pastels
Nagomi art is the name of a creative trend with a therapeutic character. The focus is ...
Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Marker Beach Theme
Discover the versatile possibilities of our Watercolour Markers and create a magical moment on the beach.
Drawing a colourful bridge with watercolour in pans
On the go with watercolours in pans
All conventional watercolour techniques can be implemented with the highly pigmented watercolours. The water brush provided, which can produce numerous, fantastic effects, is the perfect companion for painting outdoors or on trips.
Design a Mother´s Day breakfast jar and gift paper
Hand Lettering
How to draw with the Watercolour pencils Goldfaber Aqua
The Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils convince with their soft and intense colour laydown as well as outstanding colour brilliance using either dry or wet techniques.
Creative ideas with Pitt Artist Pens and Art Grip Aquarell - Painting
Paint your own bookmarks or a poppy on stretcher frame
Creative ideas with Pitt Artist Pens and Art Grip Aquarell - Wedding
How to craft wedding decoration
Create your own menu card and serviette decoration
Creative ideas with Pitt Artist Pens and Art Grip Aquarell - Invitation card using PITT artist pen metallic -
How to decorate an invitation card
Grip Aquarell childrens party
How to design sets for a birthday party
Create your individual children party menue and name badges
Creative ideas with Pitt Artist Pens and Art Grip Aquarell - Greetings
How to decorate a greeting card
Create your individual greeting cards
Creative ideas with Pitt Artist Pens and Art Grip Aquarell - Gift box - Gifts
How to craft gift wraps
Create indivdual gift boxes
Basic techniques with Pitt Artist Pens
Basic techniques with Pitt Artist Pens
They have unsurpassed light-fastness, and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.
Anime Art - College Boy
Anime Art - College boy
Step by Step instruction Whether it is a dishevelled rocker or a nattily dressed type in a suit, a laid-back surfer or a conceited glamour boy...
Anime Art - Step-by-step instructions: Fairy - Anime Art - Fairies
Anime Art - Fairies
Step by step instructions The world of elves, goblins and nature spirits offers plenty of scope for exciting stories and beautiful drawings.
Anime Art - Step-by-step instructions: Fantasy - Anime Art - Fantasy
Anime Art - Fantasy
Step by step instructions What better suits the topic of fantasy than a courageous warrior who wields his sword in thrilling adventures with fire-breathing dragons and mighty wizards?
Anime Art - Step-by-step instructions: Gothic - Anime Art - Gothic Girl
Anime Art - Gothic Girl
Step by step instructions The world of the goths fascinates us from a design perspective not just because of its special colours and rather dark atmosphere...
How to draw a landscape with Pitt Artists‘ Pastel Pencils and Polychromos Artists‘ Pastels
The Pitt pastel pencils contain a high level of pigment, but are wax and oil free, and are perfectly suited for fine details in pastels.
How to use Albrecht Dürer & Pitt Artist Pen
It's the perfect gift idea for new, amateur and professional artists.
How to use Graphite Aquarelle pencils
Look at the different techniques employed by Luis Castellanos, a well-known Peruvian plastic artist working with Faber-Castell´s Graphite Aquarelle pencils.
Drawing coffee cups with Pitt Artist Pens.
How Pitt Artist Pens are making a difference in Gwyneth Leech's work.