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Business responsibility

Alongside environmental and social commitment, responsible corporate governance (the “G” in ESG) is a key part of our comprehensive approach to sustainability, which also encompasses economic success. We embody a value-based corporate culture reflected not only in our daily work, but also in long-term thinking.

Responsibility by tradition

Our success is founded on trust and fair interactions with employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. Faber-Castell has embraced the entrepreneurial philosophy of fairness, transparency and respect for centuries, in line with the ethos of the “Honourable Merchant”.

Our fundamental principles

Our “Corporate Essentials” embed core principles for trustful and respectful interaction, while our “Leadership Essentials” provide guidelines for leadership at Faber-Castell. The “Faber-Castell Charter” (Code of Conduct) offers employees a behavioural code, supporting fair and transparent actions.
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Certificates and management systems

To adhere to our guidelines, policies and standards, we have established a compliance management system and an integrated management system for quality, environment and social aspects, including information and reporting systems, training, contacts and audits. Certifications like ISO 9001 and 14001 make our commitments and actions visible and comparable.

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Responsibility along the supply chain

We advocate for transparency and responsibility throughout the supply chain, fulfilling our duty to human rights and the environment. Key is the prior vetting and trusted collaboration with suppliers in line with our “Code of Conduct for Business Partners”.
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Collaboration for the future

Sustainable business practices require cooperation and partnership. We are participants of leading national and international networks and initiatives, such as the UN Global Compact, and engage in open dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. Through regular stakeholder surveys, for example, we gather their opinions on relevant topics and encourage contributions to sustainable development.

Cooperations and memberships

Sustainable business practices require cooperation and partnership. That is why we are a member of leading national and international networks and initiatives: