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Interesting facts about sharpeners

Sharpeners for sharpening coloured pencils and pencils are available in a single, double and triple pack. We are constantly checking and optimizing the quality of our sharpeners. It is usually advisable to replace sharpeners after approx. 12 fully used up pencils to avoid broken leads due to blunt sharpener blades.

The sleeve sharpener received the ISPA Award 2007 - further proof that even something as simple as a sharpener can be improved – true to the Faber-Castell motto: Making the ordinary extraordinarily good.

Preventing lead breaks

Always make sure that your sharpener still has a sharp blade. Blunt blades fray/tear the wood and leave the lead susceptible to breaking - at least on the more delicate/softer coloured pencils. The dreaded breaking of the tip / lead is often caused by an old or blunt sharpener and not the pencil.