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Draw and paint like a pro: Creative Studio gets a new range
Thanks to innovative technology, Goldfaber and Goldfaber Aqua have soft leads and intensely glowing colours.
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Discovering and understanding colour with our Connector Paint Box
The unique Connector paint box is perfect for any techniques and applications that children and teachers may want to explore in class.
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Karl Box - Colours in Black
In total, the KARLBOX contains 350 drawing instruments: markers, crayons, colour pencils, including reds, blacks, greens, yellows and blues set out like a colour chart.
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Faber-Castell - Fountain pen Grip 2011 silver medium
Fountain pen Grip 2011 silver medium
Faber-Castell - Pitt Artist Pen Brush India ink pen, studio box of 48
Pitt Artist Pen Brush India ink pen, studio box of 48
Graf von Faber-Castell
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Fountain Pen Limited Edition Heritage
With colours, patterns and their extraordinary craftsmanship, the ladies’ lounge and Alexander’s office inspired these fountain pens.
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GUILLOCHE Series in new colours
The special fascination of these writing implements is due to the combination of high-quality rhodinization and a guilloche barrel.
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